toni darcy portrait

Hello! My name is Toni Darcy, I’m a full time professional and award winning wedding photographer based in Read, Lancashire. I started taking photographs professionally about 6 years ago now. I know many people say don’t work with kids or animals but that’s how it all started for me!

I love babies! I mean who doesn’t? They are all cute and squishy. I guess I’ve always had a maternal instinct, I was baby sitting newborns for family friends at 13 years old, which seems kind if crazy now! I would make any excuse to help with bath times and feeding! I was just always completely in awe of babies in general.

Fast forward to when my hobby and passion for photography grew and I started my own business back in 2011 photographing families and newborn babies! My true passion lies with newborn photography. There is something so special about documenting newborn babies in those early weeks. As they grow so fast it soon turns those little moments into lasting memories. Memories that mums, dads and families treasure for many years to come.

If you would like more information on booking your own newborn shoot you can email me here: hello@tonidarcy.co.uk or you can contact me using the form on my contact page here or alternatively just give me a ring on 07970109388.